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Hallo, Hello and Bonjour Action Team fans,

March 13, 2011:

The collection of Carl Renaud and Thorsten Vogeley are online.

March 2, 2011:

The site navigation is online. The forum font has been changed to arial for easier reading. The basic pages for sets, galleries and links have been created. I am now working on getting all the galleries online and ironing out some small bugs. The page for Hard Rock is online.

February 19, 2011:

The collection of Andreas Utschig gallery is now online for testing.

The site navigation is being constructed. The other collection galleries will follow soon.

February 16, 2011:

The main page of the figures section is online. Individual descriptions beginning with Hard Rock will follow soon.

The Action Team Blog is also online and you can read the first entry "The adventure Raft".

The gallery is proving to be a difficult challenge, I am still working on ironing out the bugs. But in the meantime you can already view the galleries at Photobucket until I manage to embed them in this site.

Now you can also follow Action Team on Twitter too.

February 12, 2011:

The Action Team forum is online :-)

I am now working on the gallery section.

February 6, 2011:

After a long break I have decided to reconstruct and reactivate this website.

I will be working through February and March to get as much online as possible.

The first change is that the collection galleries are being moved to Photobucket. I had to make this move to save server space and at the same time make interaction such as rss feeds and link sharing possible. In future it will also be possible for you to send in more photos to extend your galleries and easier for me to update them.

The second main change will be the removal of the frames from the old site. This means in future you will be able to bookmark any page because all the pages will have their own URLs.

The third change will be the interactivity with social networks. There is a new Facebook Action Team community, so you FB people might want to join in on that fun.

You will notice more changes as this site grows but I promise to keep the "charm" of the old site.

Thanks for your patience and continued support and stay tuned,

Jamie :-)