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* Descriptions and photos of the individual figures are coming soon. Hard Rock is online and John Steel is next.

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The Action Team range began in 1974 with two figures, "Hard Rock" and "John Steel". First they were based on Palitoy's Action Man hybrid figure with gripping hands and then from 1976 on they took the form of Hasbro's muscle-bodied, G.I. Joe figures the "Land Adventurer" and the "Man of Action". These "life-like" figures had been produced by Hasbro to cut costs and at the same time improve the safety of the figure by using elastic inside to keep the appendages and head attached to the body. With the patented "Kung-Fu Grip", as well as "life-like" hair the first Action Team figures were ready for adventure. The "Land, Sea and Air Adventurer" concept was adopted for the clothing yet with the addition of real names to further enhance the figure's identities. The third figure "Tom Stone" based on Hasbro's "Black Adventurer" soon joined the Team. He was also known in the UK as Tom Stone, the green beret in Palitoy's Action Man Team range.

The first three male figures were later joined by the Action Girls, "Super Sandy" and "Super Peggy". Hasbro had released a female figure, the G.I. Joe Nurse in its G.I. Joe range but the Action Girls were only released in Europe. Additionally, four exciting action sets were specially produced for the Action Team Girls. With their gripping hands and fully poseable bodies they were ready for adventure.

Hasbro's last noteworthy addition to G.I. Joe was the "Eagle Eye" function in 1977 which allowed the figure's eyes to be moved from side to side useing a lever at the back of the head. It should be noted that this function was far more popular in the UK where Action Man with the "googly eyes" is as much loved as baked beans on toast. The new Action Team figures of 1977 took full advantage of this new technology. "Bob Power" the blonde, bearded adventurer and "Adler Auge" the tanned, indigenous North American male both had moveable eyes. At the same time "Shalaly" an indigenous North American female was released to compliment Action Team's Wild West equipment and accessories. The Wild West was a popular theme in Germany thanks to childhood heroes such as Karl May and Winnetou.

The "Adventurer" followed as a bearded figure wearing a rubber eye-patch. He was equipped with only the barest survival necessities; a pair of shorts and a knife. This figure was designed to make an impression on the at that point untapped pirate and high-seas market. Hard Rock and John Steel then returned as "nice price" adventurers on bubble cards with shorts and various diving items.