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"Hard Rock" is well remembered as the rugged adventurer with the orange jumpsuit and dark beard. In 1974 he was released in the Palitoy dark-bearded Action Man hybrid body version with gripping hands. In 1976 he was given the muscle-body and kung-fu grip of the G.I. Joe "Land Adventurer" figure from Hasbro. From this point on he became a "life-like" figure with dark, flock hair and beard. His eyes are blue and he has the unmistakeable G.I. Joe scar on his right cheek. He came in a cardboard box with the predominant Action Team red as the background colour and caricatures of him smiling on the front and battling his way through the jungle on the back. The box has no windows and is similar to the Action Man figure boxes used by Palitoy.

His basic equipment consists of an orange jump-suit with a front zipper and elastic at the waist, a pair of hard black plastic boots, a brown shoulder holster and a silver Webley pistol with a black grip. The "AT" symbol, which had always been an integral part of the Adventure Team uniforms and equipment, is also present.