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* Descriptions and photos of the individual sets, starting with small carded weapons are planned to be online in March, 2011.

Stay tuned :-)


The Action Team range consists of many sets including carded weapons, carded unforms and equipment, window-box equipment and vehicles, boxed vehicles and equipment and various miscellaneous items.

The weapon cards are the smallest items containing various firearms and small equipment pieces to compliment the figures. The cards themselves are similar to the Action Man carded weapon series to the point of also having the characteristic red colour.

The larger carded sets have multi-piece weapons, simple uniforms, various equipment pieces and even wild animals such as snakes and giant spiders. They also sport the red design with a yellow border and some of these sets include useful information about the item itself on the back of the card.

The window-box sets are almost identical in design to the GI JOE Action Packs released in the USA. The main difference is the colour, once again the Action Team red and the artwork which is based on the GI JOE artwork where applicable but hand-drawn rather than life-like.

The smaller cardboard box sets are full-colour and glossy whereas the larger boxes for vehicles are matt and dull in comparison. The artwork is drawn and based on the Action Man box art where applicable.

Miscellaneous items such as a life-size working radio and carry-cases are also a part of the range and not to forget two audio adventures, both vinyl LP and cassette tape, featuring Bob Power.